50 Years of service

50 Years of Faces!

It was three generations ago in 1962 when Moore's Septic began serving the greater Waldo County area.  We recently gathered up all our past and current employees from the last 50 years.  It was a celebration filled with family and friends to celebrate a successful 50 years in business.  The trucks are a bit newer and the technology has evolved and there's a lot more gray hair, but the dedication to our customers and our focus on top notch service hasn't changed a bit!

How A Waste Water System Works...

1. All the waste water lines, including graywater and sewage, converge into a main sewer line that exits your house and connects to a septic tank (which has multiple access points for inspection and clean-out).

2. In the tank, solid waste sinks to the bottom while oil and grease ride on the surface of the “effluent” in the middle. The effluent will be dispersed through the pipes, but the top and bottom layers need to be pumped out as often as every year.

3. The effluent leaves the tank and travels through a pipe to a distribution box.

4. The flow of sewage water carries it into perforated pipes called fingerlets, which carries the water to the drainfield (sometimes called a "leachfield"). Once in the soil, bacteria breaks down the remaining waste in the water.

5. The pipes must be buried at the correct depth to prevent sewage water from contaminating the area groundwater.